A-1) Fixed axis: simple line
A-2) Fixed axis: thin line
A-3) Fixed axis: dashed line

B-1) Single axis
B-2) Single axis: translation
B-3) Single axis: rotation

C-1) Double axis: x, y measurement, diagonal and area
C-2) Double axis: translation
C-3) Double axis: rotation

D-1) Angular axis
D-2) Angular axis: X axis
D-3) Angular axis: Y axis
D-4) Angular axis: alpha angle
D-5) Angular axis: beta angle
D-6) Angular axis: inclined axis rotation
D-7) Angular axis: main axis rotation

CIRCULAR AXIS: for the control of the tolerances


For calculate in automatic the number of elements (objects, points, ect.) on an area of a surface selected on video or on an known area but bigger than the visible on video.