Further possibilities of VideoKLite

Measurement of the colour in RGB-CMYK for comparison
(percentage and histogram)


List of the measurements
made with the possibility of deleting one or all and to export them in a file for Excel

Calibration of the optics

User data

Preferences of software
- language Italian-English
- 3 decimal numbers
- possibility to hide the measuring unit on the measurements
- backup the graphic files
- ask the data of the user at the start
- external input to duplicate the video
- possibility to link more devices

Customize toolbar
- add / remove icons on the toolbar

 Show the images in superimposition, vertical or horizontal alignment (max 10)


Device settings - Correction of the video parameters


Customized print
(with setting and vision of the image before printing)
- vertical/horizontal orientation of the page
- balanced or suited position of the image
- print scale
- number of copies