(code VCR-ZS 10224)

   The VCR-Z Slim is today the smallest and the most compact portable colour videomicroscope available in the business, able to make magnifications between 30X and 2350X (referred to a 14" monitor) and measurements in depth (Z axis) of small engravings or cracks on flat or curved surfaces up to about 5 mm.
   Completely motorized, it can do microshiftings also at step of one micron thanks to a particular system of pilotage of the micro-engine.
   The precision of the measurements on "Z" axis is very high (2 micron at 1500x) if coupled with our "VideoKLite" software which checks also the focusing.
   The focusing in the VCR-Z Slim system can be done in an automatic, semiautomatic and manual mode depending on the precision and speed of execution you wish to obtain.
   The VCR-Z Slim is a modular, practical and handy device, it uses the interchangeable objectives with magnetic mount of the VCR series as well as all the range of available accessories for the same series.
   Its basis is equipped with a 12V annular illumination system with very high adjustable luminous intensity which allows to inspect fair or dark surfaces at any magnification; the availability of a kit for coaxial light exalts its performances also in the metallographic sector.
   Two fixed support rollers, covered in an anti-slip material, allow a good stability on surfaces of cylinders having a minimum diameter of 115 mm.
   Magnetic rollers are also available for a steadier placement on surfaces which allow it.
   The VCR-Z Slim can be connected to a PC or laptop through external USB2.0 interface; the images can be seen directly in full PAL format 768x576 pixel high quality, measured, compared and then captured and archived thanks to the VideoKLite software.


Magnetic stand to make the VCRs stabler when used on curved surfaces. A couple of magnetic rolls guarantees an adequate mount when used on metallic surfaces.

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Rim of the razor blade
examined with
coaxial light (750X)

Watch mechanism

Anilox cylinder

Section of milk's
carton (320X)

Print screen

Flexographic cliché

with Carrying Case Station ZS
(code VCR-ZS 10309)

The PC / Laptop is not included.

   A practical and robust carrying case "in printed aluminium" able to contain and feed autonomously the complete set which composes the VCR-ZS is now available.
   Very compact, equipped with an easily transportable trolley "which disappears", the Carrying Case Station ZS, is arranged to be operative in less than two minutes.
   The space inside the carrying case has been optimized to contain, besides the set VCR-ZS (battery, battery-charger, etc) also a laptop.
   The big autonomy of the battery guarantees the VCR-ZS more than four hours of consecutive work, while the recharge can be made also during the use.
   A lightening constant pilot light informs the operator when the battery gets low under the 20% of its autonomy.