(code VCR-P 10207)

   The VCR-ZP is a compact colour videomicroscope completely motorized, entirely in aluminium with automatic focusing with step of 1 micron, able to make magnifications between 30X and 2350X (referred to a 14" monitor) on flat and curved surfaces.
   The precision of the measurements on Z axis is very very high (2 micron at 1500x), if coupled with our VideoKLite software, which manages the focusing too.
   The VCR-ZP is complete of an annular light system with the possibility of changing the corner of origin of the same light in 14 different positions, that will allow the operator also to have a three-dimensional vision of the surfaces under examination.
   The micrometrical shifting (10 mm) on X and Y axis of the optical-video header is guaranteed by a stand of high precision on issue, while magnetic power rollers are available, in order to allow, where possible, a stable and safe positioning.
   Through the external USB2.0 interface and the software in outfit, it is possible to connect the VCR-ZP directly to a laptop and to make measurements, comparisons and archievements of the images in live.
   The focusing in the VCR-ZP system can be done in an automatical, semiautomatical or manual mode depending on the precision and the speed of execution you wish to obtain.
   The VCR-ZP is a modular device, it can use the wide range of accessories available for the VCR series, that makes it extremely interesting also in particular applications that only very expensive laboratory microscopes could satisfy.
   The use of this videomicroscope directly on the production in the metallographic field is possible thanks to the availability of a kit for coaxial light which allows the vision and the measurements of cracks and various faults on the surfaces of the metals.
   Used a lot in the graphic sector of the chalcography for the measurement and check of the engravings for the banknotes printing.


The possibility of inspecting any type of surface with all the wide range of available objectives of the VCR series (30x/2350x) and of the high definition series (LDH), will give a safe certainty to the operator to be able to use his device in almost all the occasions.
The difference between the set for annular light Professional and the annular light Lite one is the possibility, for the Professional, of selecting 14 different angulations of origin of the lightings around the subject so as to be able to search every particular and make the image visible and stereoscopic as in the example:

Set annular light Professional

 Clicking on the keyboard you will have a visual demonstration of the illumination patterns.

The use of the angulated light is suggested also to give prominence to the harshnesses or the conformation of the various surfaces.

Click on the images to enlarge them

Rim of the razor blade
examined with
coaxial light (750X)

Watch mechanism

Anilox cylinder

Section of milk's
carton (320X)

Print screen

Flexographic cliché

with Carrying Case Station P
(code VCR-ZP 10308)

The PC / Laptop is not included.

   A practical and robust carrying case "in printed aluminium" able to contain and feed autonomously the complete set which composes the VCR-ZP is now available.
   Very compact, equipped with an easily transportable trolley "which disappears", the Carrying Case Station ZP is arranged to be operative in less than two minutes.
   The space inside the carrying case has been optimized to contain, besides the set VCR-ZP (battery, battery-charger, etc.) also a laptop.
   The big autonomy of the battery guarantees the VCR-ZP more than four hours of consecutive work, while the recharge can be made also during the use.
   A lightening constant pilot light informs the operator when the battery gets low under the 20% of its autonomy.