Couples of magnetic 90° angulars, they allow to keep perfectly lined up and perpendicular to the objective of the video system very thin or difficult to handle objects (i.e. cross sections of metal laminae, sheets of paper, plastic, etc).

Dimensions: 25x25x15mm
code SPT OVT 000489

Dimensions: 50x50x15mm
code SPT OVT 000490

Dimensions: 70x70x75mm
code SPT OVT 000491

Viewer 5000K - 4"x5"
working with batteries or in net,
complete of 650 mA power supply
code 3709/A

The SMX-Y stand is provided with microshiftings manual slide (75-50 mm x-y) and the viewer SLIM 4 x5" which, inserted in the suitable guide under the stand, allows to have on the monitor the profile of the objects for being to execute measurements.
code SPT OVT 000492

STAND for stage x-y equipped with viewer SLIM 4 x5" for the vision of the objects' profiles. The stand is supplied with guide for inserting the viewer SLIM.
code SPT OVT 000493



This accessory is very useful when you want to inspect and to measure with video systems small tools like drills - cutters, etc. with diameters from 1,5 and 30 mm. The little chuck is equipped with dividing notches of 5° up to 360° and it can be manually turned for the inspection of the surfaces of the tools, if used with the Magnetic Stand-Up 70 and a viewer (like our SLIM 4 x5") you will have at disposal a kit of extraordinary practicality for the control and measure of profiles in many applications.

code SPT OVT 000494

Translation table x-y 150x50 mm arranged for inserting the digital or traditional with nonius micrometrical heads.
code SLI MAR 000206
Translation table x-y 50x50 mm arranged for inserting the digital or traditional with nonius micrometrical heads.
code SLI MAR 000205

Digital micrometrical head 0,001 mm;
range 0-50 mm
code SPT LIN 000374

Centesimal micrometrical head 0,01 mm;
range 25 mm
code SPT TES 000381

Cold light Arms:
Light with two semi-rigid arms, high intensity light
working at 12V and low consumption.
Equipped with magnetic connection to be easily positioned.
Technical data:
Power: 12V; Absorption: 40 mA
Arms length: 37 mm; Weight: 130 g
code SPT OVT 000369