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Optical Endoscope ENDO/6-55

Rigid industrial endoscope, available in optic and video-optic version: both with focusing-regulator. The led luminous intensity, in outfit, can be regulate and a small lithium battery guarantees a long working duration.

Optical Endoscope ENDO/6-55


Probe external diameter 6 mm
Probe functional length 55 mm
View direction direct 0° and lateral 90°
(rotable 360°)
Field of view 40°
  • Focusing regulation
  • Probe in inox steel
  • Lenses with antireflecting treatment
  • Illumination through battery led (included)
  • Pipe for lateral vision 90° (included)


  • Camera with auto white balance and USB2 interface. The system is equipped with Video View Light software that allows acquisition, comparison, archiving of images and video recording.
  • Light generator 230V high power with lamp 15V 150W with possibility of regulate the luminous power at continue scale, complete of coloured dichroic filters.
  • Light guide - optical fiber 1800 mm.
  • Special stand for endoscope to be able to effect inspection of objects more easily where there are a lot of similar objects to examine.
  • Standard case.
  • Power Carrying Case: Small and robust aluminium case in printed aluminium complete of all accessories and electrical parts (battery, battery - charger, etc...) ready to be connected to the USB port of a PC or laptop. Size: 380x266x150 mm; weight 5.5 kg; tension for the reload: 100-240V 50/60Hz.
  • Carrying Case Station Trolley: Like the Power Carrying Case, but designed to contain also a laptop; complete with retractable trolley. (Size: 490 x 370 x 250 mm; weight 5,5 Kg)

Light generator Light guide Stand
Light generator
(code GEN 10243)
Light guide
(code GLU 10245)
Special stand
(code SPT MAN 000613)
Video View Light software Power Carrying Case
Video View Light software
(code VVL 10394)
Power Carrying Case
(code VAL AMA 000610)

CASES (notebook not included)

Trolley (maximum space for a standard 17" notebook)
Size: 400 x 500 x 250 mm

with power supply
Weight (without notebook): 7,5 Kg
code: VAL AMA 0005502

without power supply
Weight (without notebook): 6,3 Kg
code: VAL AMA 0005512

Suitcase (maximum space for a standard 17" notebook)
Size: 400 x 500 x 250 mm

with power supply
Weight (without notebook): 5 Kg
code: VAL AMA 000555

without power supply
Weight (without notebook): 4 Kg
code: VAL AMA 000556