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Kit Alpha-K10

The series of portable microscopes "Peak 2034 and 2054" are improved with the kit "Alpha-K10" which consists of a USB camera to be replaced to the eyepiece of the optical microscope in a simple and fast way without any need for tools, transforming the product in a few seconds in a video-microscope connectable to PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

This innovation eliminates the problem that troubles many operators who work with eyeglasses and have difficulty adapting to microscope eyepieces, where their dioptric adjustment is a must, especially in a work team. The loss of time is evident, moreover – more importantly – the possibility of making precise measurements due to imperfect focusing is missing.

Viewing and measuring through an eyepiece is quite different from observing an enlarged and well-focused image on a monitor, making measurements becomes easier and virtually error-free.

With our Video View software you can view, save and measure every detail under the microscope, discovering defects and certifying production.

Outside the lab, in critical conditions, it is possible to connect the camera to a mobile phone (or tablet) instead of a PC, only if the device is of recent generation (OTG standards must be respected).


Kit Alpha-K10


Code Mag. Field of View
0025-AK10M 25X 13 x 9.7 mm
0030-AK10M 30X 10 x 7.5 mm
0050-AK10M 50X 7.7 x 5.8 mm
0100-AK10M 100X 3.2 x 2.4 mm


Product Code Price
Kit Alpha-K10
with Video View Light
AlphaK10 Light 510.00 €
Kit Alpha-K10
with Video View Basic
AlphaK10 Basic 886.00 €