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Every material can be loaded electrostatically. This means that the dust will be attracted and will remain deposited on the surface. If an attempt is made to remove it by blowing or rubbing, the static charges would re-attract the dust.

To solve this inconvenient Lippolis Optical Video Technology has introduced special ionizing systems on the market which, further to ensure a total neutralization of the electrostatic charges, are also fully adaptable to any production cycle.

These appliances must be connected to a compressor able to supply at least 150 liters of air per minute at 3 Bars, and the air must not exceed 7 Bars on entry. For using the air jet antistatic devices on appliances that are particularly sensitive to impurity and humidity (scanners, photographic material, etc.), the use of a special filter group (optional), to be placed between the compressor and the ionizing appliance, is recommended.


Cobra Antistatic System

Special ionic blower for neutralizing electrostatic charges. Its special design with an articulated directable arm, about 50 cm. long, makes it suitable for directing air to the less accessible points. The base is fitted with a powerful magnet which enables the user to fasten the Cobra to metal surfaces next to the working area so as to make the best use of its features. The feeder may be equipped also with a second Cobra arm or with an ionizing pistol. All devices are equipped with a special shockproof and self-cleaning nozzle.

All devices are equipped with a special shockproof and self-cleaning nozzle. The outflow power is adjustable and a supplied foot-control lever allows the air flow to be stopped in the event of momentary interruption in working.

This device is suitable for a wide range of fields: from graphics to electronics, from medical devices manufacturing to injection moulding, from photo-processing to optics, etc. It works by compressed air.


Ione Gun Antistatic System

The "Ione Gun" consists of a feeder and a light-weight, handy pistol.

It can provide a powerful jet of ionizing air which removes threads and dust and neutralizes electrostatic charges from any material.

The air, coming from a centralized compressor or from a silent mini-compressor and then, properly filtered, reaches the feeder and is piped into the special nozzle, which makes it electrostatically neutral.

The "Ione Gun" has been designed to be used in various fields: in the graphic industry, in photography, to clean the scanners' cylinders or planes, in "STILL-LIFE" photography, for the plastification of photo-panels, in optical processing, for silk-screen processing, for injection moulding, in biomedical productions, etc.

Technical features:

  • Optimal working distance:150 mm (500 mm max.).
  • Air requirements: max 7 bar clean, dry, oil free air.
  • The air flow is amplified by a minimum factor of 6:1.
  • Operating voltage in 230V (output 7000 VAC max 2,5 mA).
  • The gun comes standard with 3 metres of cable.
  • Noise level: 92 dB at 50 cm at 2 bar.
  • Air consumption: 200 l/min at 3,5 bar.


AS-10 Antistatic System

The AS-10 Aerostat is the simplest version and has an active ionizing width of minimum 25 cm.

Operating voltage: 7,5 kV AC ± 10%

Example of applications:

  • Neutralization of small plastic parts after injection moulding.
  • Neutralization of vacuum-formed plastic parts.
  • On automatic mounting slides machines.


AS-20 Antistatic System

The AS-20 Ionizing Air Blower is the doubled version of the AS-10 type and the effective ionizing width is a minimum of 50 cm. When neutralizing larger surfaces, several Aerostats can be installed.

Operating voltage: 7,5 kV AC ± 10%.

Example of applications:

  • Neutralization of irregular-shaped parts.
  • Neutralization of paper, textile or film webs at unwind or rewind positions.
  • At the feeder and the delivery of sheet-fed printing presses.