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Peak Mini Comparater 7X   Scale

The Peak Mini Comparater 7X is a handy and accurate optical measuring instrument composed by a combination of lens and in a scale, similar to our highly reputed Peak Scale Lupes 7X and 10X. Compared with conventional magnifiers, the Mini Comparater 7X is smaller, more convenient for carrying and reasonably priced.

The doublet type achromatic lens possesses a sharp and clear resolution power. Its focusing function is very simple with the employment of a multiple-thread type screw. The photoengraved scale for Scale Lupe 7X, can also be used and 13 kinds are available with different lengths, angles, and circular arcs for all measuring purposes.


Code 2015
Magnification 7X
Field of view 25 mm
Scale length 20 mm
Scale division 0.1 mm
Size ø 29 x 46 mm
Weight 28 g