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Peak Scale Lupe 15X   Light Scale Lupe 15X   ScalE

The Peak Scale Lupe 15X is a wide-field magnifying glass of magnifying power 15X combined with a graduated scale glass selectable from among four different kinds (No. 1-2-8 and standard). By observing through the magnifier while the appropriate scale resting on the object to be examined, one can measure very easily, quickly and exactly the length, the angle between two straight lines, the radius of curvature of a circular arc etc. of the object.

The current device is a sequel of the Peak Scale Lupe series previously produced with magnifying powers 7X and 10X. However, to enable the clean observation of the whole field of a 14 mm diameter object magnified 15 times, the lens has been newly designed to correct almost perfectly the curvature of the field and the lateral chromatic aberration by a combination of four lenses, three grouped as shown in the cross section diagram, and two made of a new type of optical glass. Moreover, all six air-glass interfaces of the magnifier are multi­coated to reduce internal reflection.

To use the instrument, adjust the distance between the scale glass and the magnifier rotating the rugged ring of the latter so that the user can observe clearly the magnified image of the scale. Re-adjustment is unnecessary unless the user is changed. By turning the black rugged ring to the left until it stops, and then turning with a little more strength, the magnifier can be removed from the transparent pipe holding the scale glass and can be used as an independent magnifier of magnifying power 15X.

Insufficient supply of light has been improved by attaching to the Peak Scale Lupe 15x an illuminating device consisting in a penlight so that observations can be realized more easily than ever.

The 2016-HI model has high intensity (6000K) LED lighting. It is powered by two long-life 3.6V lithium (AA) batteries.


Code 2016 2016-L - 2016-HI
Magnification 15X
Field of view 20 mm
Effective aperture 13 mm
Scale length 14 mm
Scale division 0.1 mm
Size (mm) ø 35 x 33 ø 43 x 65 x 184
Weight 40 g 72 g