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Find the device satisfying your requirements answering a few questions:
(If you have doubts on some features you can leave empty the relative selection. Obviously the tool will return you a wider choise from the product list.)
Do you want a microscope to use only optically?(Optic)
Do you want a microscope to connect to your PC?(Only video)
Do you want a microscope to connect to your PC but with the possibility to use it also optically?(Optic/Video)
Which materials should you analyse?
metal, ceramic, mirrored surfaces, paper, plastic, rubber and similar
(CIL version)
only paper, rubber, plastic and similar
(standard Pen-Lite version)
Which kind of surface you need to analyse?
only flat surfaces
(FLAT version)
flat and curved surfaces
(ROLL version)
Do you need to take measurements? Which?
not necessarily or only linear measures
(Video View LIGHT)
lines, circles, angles, areas, tolerance circles, etc...
(Video View BASIC)
What kind of PC do you have?
high performance PC
CPU: Intel i7 or higher
RAM: 4 Gbytes or more
(5.0 Mpx camera)
data management PC
CPU: Intel i5 or lower
RAM: less than 4 Gbytes
(1.3 Mpx camera)
For 5.0 Mpx cameras we have two versions available: a USB 2 version and a USB 3 version. What do you think it's best for you?
5.0 Mpx USB 2
(up to 5 frames per second at the maximum resolution)
5.0 Mpx USB 3 (high speed)
(up to 15 frames per second at the maximum resolution)
What's your priority about the focusing (precision or speed)?
focusing precision
(2034 series microscope)
focusing speed
(2054 series microscope)

If you think the 2034-2054 series do not satisfy your requests or you did not find your product don't worry, because these are the base series of our product lines!
We have a lot of other specific and professional products for all what you need! Follow the links below to see our other products.