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Peak Hand Microscope

Peak pocket microscopes, small in size and light in weight, have had high reputation for a long time as the article of high resolution power and brightness.

It was the small size and lightness in weight that we have had put emphasis on for this product so far. In some cases, however, end-users need microscopes with rather longer barrel and wider effective visual field which will satisfy their purposes.

After its appearance in the market, we have added to them as a variation the measuring (a function to measure) and ElM (a function to measure erected images). (See items 2036-2050-2056 series).


Code 2051-30 2051-60
Magnification 30X 60X
Field of view ø 5.8 mm ø 3.5 mm
Size ø 28 x 157 mm ø 28 x 139 mm
Weight 115 g 100 g