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Peak Scale Lupe 3X   Scale

The Peak Scale Lupe 3X consists of lens, support pole and metal base. A reticle scale is placed on the metal base. The form of this lupe is, as you see, different from the scale lupes ever supplied. It is, by this form, possible to get a wider working space for observation. This device has lenses (2 elements, 2 groups) of 3X magnification. The aperture is large but the aberration is less.

The main features of this article are:

-  Light comes in from all sides.

-  Visual field is wider.

-  The long working distance makes observing activities more efficient.

The decimal scale of 54 mm diameter placed in the metal base rotates freely for your measuring purposes. Setting and removal of the reticle scale are easy.


Code 2052
Field of view ø 58 mm
Effective diameter ø 59 mm
Reticle scale 54 mm
Min. scale division 0.1 mm
Size 76 x 105 x 96 mm
Weight 378 g