Focusing check

It is common knowledge that a video system for dimensional measurements of precision bases itself, besides, on the learning by the software of a calibration scale whose dividing notches have been focalized in a perfect way on the monitor for every single objective to be calibrated.
Therefore also the measurements to be made of the objects surfaces must be perfectly focalized, otherwise the same will result with values also very different in respect of the real ones.

The focusing can be obtained in three different ways:
    1. manual
    2. semiautomatic
    3. automatic

Skipping the manual focusing, that is designed for not-motorized devices where the operator has a valuable role in good results, the focusing in a completely automatic mode and semiautomatic mode is a characteristic of the VCR-Z Professional series (motorized).

The semiautomatic focus search is developed in 4 phases:
    1st   phase: the operator selects from the menu the type of optics to be used
    2nd  phase:         "         manually focuses the image on the monitor
    3rd   phase:         "         selects the interested zone
    4th   phase:         "         makes himself driven from the VideoKLite in the focusing>

A traffic lights will show when one is near or focalized while a histogram and a numerical value will drive to the focusing with a precision also of 1 micron if the VCR-Z is a motorized type (PRO) and of 1 hundredth of mm if it is a manual type (VCR-ZLite).

Example of object


    1st  phase: the operator selects from the menu the type of optics to be used
    2nd phase:        "       manually focuses the image on the monitor
    3rd  phase:        "       sets the number of time that the focus search must be
                                        repeated (to have the mean and the relative delta)
    4th  phase:        "       selects the zone to focus (superior and inferior surfaces)
    5th  phase:        "       starts the precision focusing.

The VCR-Z will repeat the focusing completely in automatic for the number of time you have set; the values that appear on the digital instrument will be memorized at the end of each loop and they will be computed at the end of the focusing to have in automatic the average and the delta of the obtained values.