Semirigid fiberscope 1320 LITE
It is the most popular of the fiberscope semirigid series; practical and handy with a quality-price quote very interesting. The probe is long 1320mm and the probe diameter is 9mm. [...]

Flexible fiberscope 1200 LITE
Very close to the fiberscope 1320 lite, but its diameter probe is 6,2mm, it is long 1200mm and it is flexible. [...]

Flexible fiberscope PRO
Probe length 1000 mm, diameter of 8 mm. [...]

Endoscope ENDO/AP1
Rigid endoscope for industrial use, of good quality and a very interesting price. Probe length approx. 30 cm and diameter of 10 mm. [...]

Endoscope ENDO/2-100
High quality rigid video endoscope. Probe length 100 mm, diameter of 1,7 mm. [...]

Endoscope ENDO/6-55
High quality rigid video endoscope. Probe length 55 mm, diameter of 6 mm. [...]

Endoscopes ENDO/08-140; 08-225; 08-250; 08-425; 08-625
High quality rigid endoscope. Diameter of 8 mm. [...]