The VCR-P usually works like a videomicroscope with high performances but unlike this, is very compact, then it's easy transportable and can be placed on flat and curved surfaces. All its components work at 5V/12 V.
   A primary characteristic of this new model is its particular cold light annular lighting system with high luminous power and its possibility to modify the intensity at a continuous scale.
   This device is arranged to be easily removed (magnetic mount) and replaced with other lighting systems and accessories in examination. The possibility to change the source angle of the beam-light in 14 positions, allows to highlight very well also the smallest asperities and conformations of the surfaces under examination.
   The possibility of being able to move on the surface under examination is guaranteed by a mechanical stage of high precision with microshiftings on "X" and "Y" axis up to 10mm.
   Two fixed support rollers, covered with an anti-slip material, allow a good stability on cylindrical surfaces having a minimum diameter starting from 60 mm.
   Magnetic rollers are also available for a stable placement on surfaces which allow it.
   The available objectives with magnetic mount are included from 25X to 2350X (with reference to a 14" monitor), on request also special objectives with high resolution and big working distance (30 mm - 70 mm) are available.
   The VCR-P can be connected to PC or laptop through its 5Mpx USB2.0 or USB3.0 camera and the images can be captured, compared, measured, archived etc. with VIDEO VIEW basic software.


The possibility of inspecting any type of surface with all the wide range of available objectives of the VCR series (25x/2350x) and of the high definition series (LDH), will give a safe certainty to the operator to be able to use his device in almost all the occasions.
The difference between the set for annular light Professional and the annular light Lite one is the possibility, for the Professional, of selecting 14 different angulations of origin of the lightings around the subject so as to be able to search every particular and make the image visible and stereoscopic as in the example:

Set annular light Professional

Clicking on the keyboard you will have a visual demonstration of the illumination patterns.

The use of the angulated light is suggested also to give prominence to the harshnesses or the conformation of the various surfaces.

Click on the images to enlarge them

Rim of the razor blade
examined with
coaxial light (750X)

Watch mechanism

Anilox cylinder

Section of milk's
carton (320X)

Print screen

Flexographic cliché