High performant videomicroscope able to inspect flat and curved surfaces, completely in aluminium, it has an annular light system and a coaxial one with variable luminous intensity.
   The VCR-Z CX series uses the whole range of objectives with magnetic mount of the VCR series, between 30X and 2350X.
   Completely motorized, it can make microshiftings also at step of one micron thanks to a particular system of pilotage of the micro-engine.
   This series comprises 2 kinds of videomicroscopes: VCR-Z CX and VCR-Z CXProfessional.
   Unlike the VCR-Z CX (equipped with a X-Y mechanical stage for coaxial light and Stand Lite for annular light), the VCR-Z CXP is equipped also with a X-Y mechanical stage of precision for annular light; both of them are able to make microshiftings of 10mm on X and Y axis.
   With the X-Y mechanical stage for annular light is possible to use the professional illumination set which allows to change the source angle of the light in 14 different positions, on this way, the user can have a three-dimensional vision of the surfaces under examination.
   Two fixed support rollers, covered in an anti-slip material, allow a good stability on cylinders' surfaces having a minimum diameter of 115 mm.
   Magnetic rollers are also available for a stabler placement on surfaces which allow it.
   The VideoKLite software allows the most common measurements, as well as the comparisons and the saving of the images in different formats.
   The VCR-Z CX can be connected to PC or laptop through its 1.3Mpx USB2.0 or 5Mpx USB3.0 camera.
   The focusing in the VCR-Z CX system can be done in an automatic, semiautomatic and manual mode depending on the precision and the speed of execution you wish to obtain.
   The VCR-Z CX series is able to move completely in automatic to look for a focus point, with high magnification objectives (from 750X upwards), 2-3µm of precision and repeatability are reachable.
   This feature allows to our VCR-Z CX videomicroscopes to measure with a very high accuracy the value of depth of micro-engravers or cracks on flat and curved surfaces of different materials putting the device directly on the surface to be analyzed.
   The automatic system and of precision of the focusing establish the value of the "Z" axis making a difference between the top surface and the bottom surface with the relative image of the point where the focus has been found.
   The possibility of using the VCR-Z CX is extended if combined with the THREE DIMENSIONAL EXPLORER.

VCR-Z CX on rotogravure cylinder (annular and coaxial lighting)

VCR-Z CX on anilox cylinder (400 L./cm. - objective 2350x)

plexiglass (200X)
Chemically treated
glass (320X)
Anilox roll (1000X)
Rotochalcographic cylinder (750X)


Rim of the razor blade examined
with coaxial light (750X)
Razor blade edge