It is a portable videomicroscope for inspections and measurements of cracks or engravings on flat and curved surfaces on X-Y-Z axis. Very robust, completely in aluminium, with interchangeable optics, it uses the same range of objectives and accessories of the VCR series. Unlike the VCR-Z series, the VCR-ZLite makes micrometrical measurements on "Z" axis with manual control focusing with big precision thanks to the help of a pilot mechanism in the microshiftings and the focusing software.
   A digital millesimal comparator ensures an easy and immediate reading of the depth value (Z axis) obtained from the difference of focusing between the upper and the lower surface.
   Connected to a PC or laptop through its 5Mpx USB2.0 or USB3.0 camera and guided by our focusing software, step by step also the least expert users will be able to have a real reading of the values on "Z" axis. Automatic optics calibration.
   The VCR-ZLite is delivered with a high resolution colour microcamera and an annular lighting system with adjustable high luminous intensity which allow to have on the screen high quality images that can be saved in more common formats.
   Through VIDEO VIEW basic software it is possible to make measurements in live, comparisons and storing of the images very easily.
The software also allows you to make measurements on the saved photos, even after a long time and without any devices connected.

   Thanks to its compactness, practicality of use (it works at 5V) and a reduced price, the VCR-ZLite becomes the ideal tool for the people who have to travel, being sure to have at disposal a reliable tool of precision to connect to the laptop.
   If the VCR-ZLite is supplied with X-Y stand with microshiftings (10 mm), coaxial light set and annular light set, it takes the name VCR-ZLite CX; this version is advised for who want to do micro-graphics or to inspect and measure difficult surfaces as for example the depth of printing cylinder for rotogravure or Anilox.
   If you want to have a lighting source with possibility to illuminate the objects from different angles, indispensable to have the three-dimensionality of the objects or the visibility of some printed holograms, the VCR-ZLite Pro version is available.
   Thanks to this configuration the system is able to solve almost all the requests of inspection of metallic and polymer surfaces.

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Rim of the razor blade
examined with
coaxial light (750X)

Watch mechanism

Anilox cylinder

Section of milk's
carton (320X)

Print screen

Flexographic cliché

plexiglass (200X)
Chemically treated
glass (320X)
Anilox roll (1000X)
Rotochalcographic cylinder (750X)