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Ruler Absolute

The new optic and video Ruler Absolute is designed to perform high-precision linear measurement. The display keeps the "zero" position memorized even when turned off.

The Ruler Absolute is equipped with a precise linear measuring system guaranteed by an optical scale and an optic/video unit on a sliding carriage, manually driven by a friction knob that allows micro-displacements.

The transverse carriage has a maximum displacement of 10 mm. The move is necessary to allow expansion of the scouting area and for faster alignment. Only during measurements should the carriage be kept fully retracted; a maximum displacement of 3 mm is allowed.



The optical version consists principally of:

  • an optical scale with a resolution of up to 0.1 µm and an accuracy of ±3 µm;
  • an optical microscope for 7X, 20X or 40X magnifications;
  • a digital display showing the linear position in real time, which can store up to 9 positions (kept in memory with the instrument switched off).

The positions and memories can be reset both from the digital display and via software.

No cables need to be connected as a long-life lithium battery powers the digital display.

The microscope eyepiece has a crosshair for easy identification of the exact start and end points.

This optical scale is convertible into a video scale by purchasing a kit that contains a USB camera complete with adapter, a special lens with 14 mm field of view and the Video View software..



The video version greatly expands the range of use of the instrument through the USB 3.0 camera and the Video View Basic software. With it is possible to perform any type of measurement within the area visible on the monitor, also linear point-to-point calculations moving with the line on areas far away from each other.

The customized function of the software can capture multiple images marked by a crosshair indicating the starting or ending point of the measurements made. Two of these images, even if distant from each other, can be selected and have the immediate measurement of the distance between the two marks.

On the image that appears on the monitor when the scale is stationary, you can perform all measurements with the software (radius, diameter, distance, tangents, etc.), but also distances between a point (offset) located on the image and the point of the crosshairs of an image stored in this phase.


The Ruler Absolute is available in four models depending on the useful length: 300, 500, 700 or 1000 mm. Larger sizes are available on request.

The handles at the ends allow easy transport and positioning.

The sliding carriage is equipped with an anti-skid system, without cogwheels or racks.


version code
version code
300 mm ORUL-ABS-300 VRUL-ABS-300
500 mm ORUL-ABS-500 VRUL-ABS-500
700 mm ORUL-ABS-700 VRUL-ABS-700
1000 mm ORUL-ABS-1000 VRUL-ABS-1000

Application example of the Ruler Absolute with the Video View software:

Application example of the Ruler Absolute with the Video View software
Application example of the Ruler Absolute with the Video View software


Magnification 7X 20X 40X
Field of view ø 24 mm ø 7.2 mm ø 4.3 mm