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Peak Light Lupe 10X

The Peak Lupe Series, now well known for its excellent magnifying power both in working places and at home, has recently been expanded with a new addition - Peak Light Lupe 10X.

The Peak Light Lupe 10X is an update version of the model of the Peak Lupe 10X, an excellent magnifier which is widely used because of its magnification power, its field of view and its reasonable price. The new version includes a built-in lighting device that works with two batteries of UM-2, 1.5-volts. Powerful, useful and lightweight, the flash­light is made of valuable plastic and the transparent lens is shielded by a hard plastic holder.

With its excellent performances and its smart appearance, the Peak Light Lupe 10X is a complete solution to the trouble often met while using a conventional magnifier in dark place. Of course, since the new unit absorbs a sufficient amount of light, its need is not necessary in a bright place.


Code 1966 1966-HI
Magnification 10X
Size 35 x 41 x 175 mm
Weight 81 g
Batteries 2 x UM-2 (1.5V)