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Peak Lupe 8X

Peak Magnifier 8X is a high performance, smartly designed magnifier. It is very convenient to have around your desk for daily use. This magnifier is specially designed to cover the entire 24 x 36 mm picture area of single frames of film for 35 mm camera and is ideal for the negatives' checking . This is a high quality magnifier in which uses a 24 x 37 mm angular object, employed in the optical system to cover single 35 mm frames, and a two-element achromatic lens is used in the eyepiece. On the bottom edge of the skirt of the transparent acryl is engraved a 30 mm long 1 mm pitch scale.

It can be effectively used according to the purpose because it appears without obstructing the field of view.

The neck strap attached will also increase operation efficiency.


Code 2018
Magnification 8X
Field of view 24 x 36 mm
Size 46 x 49 x 39 mm
Weight 52 g