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Peak Steinheil System Lupe

The Steinheil type lens is composed by a dual-convex lens with strong curvatures made of crown glass and two negative "meniscus lenses" of "flint glass" cemented together.

A lens of this kind is often used also as a handable mono-ocular lens, thanks to its support, its excellent chromatic correction and its reasonably wide field of view.

The new Peak Steinheil Lupe series, consisting of mono-ocular lens with a magnifying power respectively of 7X, 10X, 14X and 20X , have been designed also to put the in the pocket. The cemented lens block is mounted on a light weight cylinder made of black plastics, and a sliding frame of the same material covers and protects both lens surfaces from dust and mechanical damages. In the working condition, the frame is slidden to form a convenient handle for mounting the loupe. The new series of loupes is very useful for fans of gemmology.


Code 1985-7 1985-10 1985-14 1985-20
Magnification 7X 10X 14X 20X
16 mm 15.5 mm 12 mm 7 mm
Size 39 x 24 x 22 mm
Weight 22 g 19 g 18 g 18 g