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2001 Long Pocket Microscope Pocket Microscope 2001-L Pocket Microscope with LED light
Long Peak Pocket Microscope Peak Pocket Microscope Pocket Microscope
with LED light

The main features of this Pocket Microscope are: very sharp resolution power throughout its field of view, unbelievably brightness and light weight. It is a practical and convenient pocket microscope for technicians and engineers.

To focus the microscope, hold it so that the notch at the tip of the acryl cylinder of the microscope will face towards you, place the centre of the object lens right above the specimen and, while tilting the cylinder forward and backward with your eye on the eye-piece lens, fix the cylinder and observe at an angle which can give the sharpest image.

Similar to the pocket microscopes of the 2001 series, the 2001 long is characterized by a barrel longer than the previous one and this feature allows to adopt a comfortable and sitting posture while you observe an object.

The 2001-L microscopes are identical to the standard series, but add LED lighting.


Code 2001-15 2001-15 Long 2001-25 2001-50 2001-75 2001-100
Magnification 15X 25X 50X 75X 100X
Field of view (mm) ø 5.40 ø 3.30 ø 2.00 ø 1.09 ø 0.84
Size (mm) ø 12.4 x 127 ø 12.4 x 180 ø 12.4 x 127
Weight 13 g 18 g 12 g 12 g 13 g 16 g

Optic Light 100-90 Borescope 15X

This new article Optic Light 100-90 Borescope 15X has been derived from the Peak "2001 Long Pocket Microscope 15X".

It’s a lighting pen that allows to see at 90° the internal walls of tubes till 100mm of depth with a minimum diameter of 15mm.

This borescope is useful to see the residual of burrs and chips, threads, seal seats, ecc.

A light source allows a perfect lighting; the power supply is coming from a lithium battery, USB rechargeable.


Code 2001-OLB
Magnification 15X
Field of view ø 5.40 mm
Size ø 12.4 x 180 mm
Weight 150 g