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Peak Shop Microscope   Scale

The Shop Microscope is widely used as a universal measurer. Despite its small-sized and lightweight mechanism, it has very useful devices for practical efficiency. For example, its rack and pinion focusing makes operation very simple and smooth.

Furthermore, observation in dark places is possible because it is attached with an illumination device using one penlight battery. It also has built-in precision scales for measuring.

With the above-mentioned advantages, the Shop Microscope is useful in a large number of fields, including surface inspections, centering, blade inspections, measuring diameters of small holes, inspecting plates and printed matter, measuring meshes of textiles, inspecting yarn, inspecting skins, observation of slides, and in the electronics field.


Code 2009-20 2009-40 2009-60 2009-100
Magnification 20X 40X 60X 100X
Field of view ø 7.2 mm ø 4.3 mm ø 2.2 mm ø 1.8 mm
Min. scale division No. 16
0.05 mm
No. 64
0.05 mm
No. 20
0.02 mm
No. 22
0.01 mm
No. 17
--- No. 21
No. 23
Measuring range 6.0 mm 3.0 mm 1.6 mm 1.2 mm
Working distance 52.0 mm 20.0 mm 6.0 mm 5.5 mm
Size 222 x 145 x 95 mm
Weight 496 g 493 g 507 g 528 g