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Zoom Light Metallic Scale Lupe

The Zoom Light Scale is a new optical measuring device with variable magnification with a "10-15-20x" zoom, able to measure or quickly inspect in production small objects, just keeping them in a hand.

Usually the optical devices have a glass scale of measurement at their basis (thickness 1-2mm) and the inspections or the measurements are possible only if the lens is leant on a perfectly flat surface.

The Zoom Light Scale is equipped with a metallic scale half circle-shaped with 100 decimal divisions, allowing that the objects (like for example cutting tools) could be softly leant on it and eventually tilted also toward the internal part of the lens.

The focusing system uses an accurate ring nut, the high resolution of its lenses and the good led illumination ensure an optimal vision and accurate measurements.


Code 3712
Magnification 10X - 15X - 20X
Field of view 14 - 11 - 7 mm
Measuring range 10 - 8 - 6 mm
Scale division 0.1 mm
Size ø 47 x 45 x 185 mm
Weight 240 g
Batteries 2 x Li-AA (3.6V)