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Metallic Scale Lupe 10X

The loupe Metallic Scale Lupe 10x had been manufactured to allow the vision and the measurement of three-dimensional objects; it has a high quality optical system (4 elements in 2 groups) with a measuring scale made of metal with decimal divisions.

The focusing is possible thanks to a practical ring nut, while the wide field of view allows an easy objects' examination and measurement.

Usually the optical devices have a glass scale of measurement at their basis (thickness 1-2mm) and the inspections or the measurements are possible only if the lens is leant on a perfectly flat surface.

After having focused the notches of the metallic scale, the watcher keeps in a hand the loupe and with the other one puts the object to examine in touch with the scale; tilting the loupe and properly positioning the part of the object toward a lighting source, you can make precise measurements.

The low illumination problem has been solved adding to the Metallic Scale Lupe 10X an illuminating knob, so that the observations and measurements can be easily realized.


Code 3713 3713-L
Magnification 10X
Field of view 30 mm
Measuring range 10 mm
Scale division 0.1 mm
Size (mm) ø 46 x 44 ø 47 x 45 x 185
Weight 80 g 150 g
Batteries   2 x Li-AA (3.6V)