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5000K viewers, high luminous intensity, ultraflat, homogeneously lighted on all their surface thanks to the particular conformation of the internal lamp.

They are easy to carry because, besides being very compact and light, they are fed at 12V or 24V and the models SLIM 4X5" and 7"X5" can be fed also with six 1,5 V AAA batteries.

With the SLIM viewers, it is possible to see all the transparent and translucent objects at solar temperature 5000K, for this reason they are particularly appreciated in the photographic sector. They can be provided with or without a stabilized power supplier.

Viewers Viewer 125 x 100 mm Viewer 178 x 127 mm
Without transformer 3709 3710
With transformer 3709/A 3710/A
Color Temperature 5000K ± 270K 5000K ± 270K
Viewing Area 125 x 100 mm (5" x 4") 178 x 127 mm (7" x 5")
Light Source: Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) 1 lamp Ø 2.5 x 135 mm 1 lamp Ø 3.2 x 190 mm
Life of CCFL About 10.000 hours About 10.000 hours
Power Source Six 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries or AC Adapter Six 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries or AC Adapter
Power consumption 4.5W 5.4W
AC Adapter
12V 500mA 12V 600mA
Operating Temperature 5-55°C 5-55°C
External Dimensions (mm) 160 x 150 x 15 220 x 190 x 21
Net Weight 260 g 770 g

305 x 458 mm Viewer
With transformer 3711/A3
Color Temperature 5000K ± 270K
Viewing Area 305 x 458 mm (12" x 18")
Life of CCFL About 10.000 hours
Power Source AC Adapter 12V 2A
Operating Temperature 5-55°C
External Dimensions (mm) 548 x 405 x 30
Net Weight 4.3 kg

Cable with command Cable with command
for luminous intensity regulation
code SPT OVT 000534