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(in ascending order of magnification)

Lens: G = Glass P = Plastic
Mag.  Code Description Field
of view
1.3X 2022-75 Achroma lupe 75mm 75 mm G
1.3X 2057-75 Achroma stand lupe 75mm 75 mm G
1.6X 2058 Aster Lupe 62.3 mm G
1.7X 2033-115 Flexible stand lupe 115mm 115 mm G
2X 2022-55 Achroma lupe 55mm 55 mm G
2X 2033-100 Flexible stand lupe 100 mm G
2X 2053 Folding lupe (2-5-10X) P
2X 2057-55 Achroma stand lupe 55mm 55 mm G
2.5X 1989 Parasite lupe 75 mm G
3.1X 2059 Plain Lupe 34.5 mm G
3.1X 2060 Desk Lupe 34.5 mm G
4X 2022-35 Achroma lupe 35mm 35 mm G
4X 2057-35 Achroma stand lupe 35mm 35 mm G