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These control rules have as base a quality transparent glass, 1.7mm thickness for the 1972-Lite series (circular scale), 3mm for the 1972 series and 10mm for the 1972-S series; all have decimal graduation lines engraved through "photo-printing".

The rules allow easy and accurate readings thanks to a 15x lupe (1962) for the 1972-Lite and 1972 series, and two lupes 10x equipped with dioptric regulation and mounted on a carriage to allow an easy slide for the 1972-S series; in this last series the two lupes are used to point on zero and on the final interest point.

This rules are resistent to change of temperature.

Peak Lupe 15X   Scale

Code 1972-50 Lite
Scale length 54 mm
Scale division 0.1 mm
Magnification 15X x 1 pcs.
Size (mm) 1.7t x Ø 60
Weight 31 g


Glass Ruler
Code 1972-100 1972-300
Scale length 100 mm 300 mm
Scale division 0.1 mm
Magnification 15X x 1 pcs.
Size (mm) 3t x 25 x 140 3t x 25 x 330
Weight 39 g 77 g

1972-S Models

Code 1972-300 S 1972-500 S 1972-700 S 1972-1000 S
Scale length 300 mm 500 mm 700 mm 1000 mm
Scale division 0.1 mm
Magnification 10X x 2 pcs.
Size (mm) 10t x 50 x 360 10t x 50 x 560 10t x 50 x 760 10t x 50 x 1060
Weight 590 g 807 g 1023 g 1348 g