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Jumbo Video Systems

The Jumbo series at present is the top of our video systems range for the inspection and measurement of small and big objects.

They have been designed to meet with the requests of a wide clientele coming from the most disparate sectors, desirous to have a not too expensive, of quality, practical and hard laboratory instrument, but very modular, able to follow the technical evolutions or the variable requirements of one's own company with the addition of parts and accessory also afterwards.

The Work Station Jumbo (WSJ), the Jumbo Lite and the Jumbo Zoom are the instruments which have materialized all these requests and, thanks to the technical vanguard solutions adopted, today they turn out to be one of the item with the best performances on the market.

Structured completely in aluminium and steel, these devices have a high stability, all the movements are completely motorized with steps also of half a micron (WSJ).

Cameras of different resolutions and features are usable, the optical system is at interchangeable objectives with magnetic mount (for WSJ and Jumbo Lite) and, according to the use, it is possible to choose the most suitable one among a wide range of different devices.

We have high resolution objectives which allow magnifications from 7X to beyond 600X at a working distance of about 80 mm, but it is possible the use of the wide objectives range of the VCR series which enable magnifications up to 2350X (with reference to a 14" monitor) at a working distance between 30 and 8 mm.

As the accessories which can be combined with these new video systems are a lot, thanks also to their particular conformation, also the most particular requests coming from the various sectors of the industry will be quickly satisfied.