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Video View Pro

Video View Pro is one of the most complete video measurement and control software on the market. Among its main features is the possibility of overlapping images or CAD drawings on the image taken by our video instrument. The elimination of any undesired colors on all or only part of the overlapped image, will allow to have an excellent transparency and therefore precise overlaps to the images on video. In the software there are all the functions that allow you to perform the most required types of measurements to satisfy the control in production.

With Video View Pro is possible:

  • Once the camera has been selected, the software will automatically adjust and open the image, allowing it to be viewed correctly according to the monitor's resolution (this avoids having to continuously drag the object into the field of view of the lens in order to analyze it).
  • Automatically calibrate 9 optics using the supplied scale. With a simple click the unit of measurement in pixels will be converted into the real unit of measurement in order to carry out all the measurements made available by the software. The calibration operation can also be performed manually by saving the unit of measurement in cm, mm, ┬Ám or inches.
  • Assist the user in focusing a selected region: the software finds the optimal focus and help the user in moving the lens to the correct position.
  • Set the video parameters available in the camera and save them.
  • Bring the video to the foreground and 100% with a single click, a useful feature especially when you have many photos open.
  • Bring the video image to full screen by adapting it to the maximum height or width of the monitor.
  • Make measurements at any zoom factor (it is not necessary to make measurements at the magnification factor with which you have calibrated the lens).
  • Measure with axes, lines, circles, angles and polygons. In each of these functions you can change the color and thickness of the lines.
      Line Circle Polygon Angle Polyline
      Point-Line Point-Circle Line-Line Line-Circle Circle-Circle
      Circle-Point Circle-Circle      
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, colors, color inversion (negative), B&W directly on the video image. In this way, in addition to color correction, details that are difficult to see will stand out.
  • Add a note of the desired size to the image.
  • Capture multiple images and arrange them on the screen automatically: cascade, portrait, landscape.
  • Save images with measurements and notes in the most common formats and at the same time save a copy, without measurements and notes, automatically and at full camera resolution in a predefined folder.
  • Open one or more image files.
  • Draw a pair of axes with custom divisions (with the possibility of storing them) to perform quick and easy measurements.
  • Use two pairs of X-Y axes (of customizable color and thickness) for measurements according to the lens used, rotate and lock them displaying their position in degrees, minutes and seconds. It is possible to move them with the mouse or micrometrically through special keys.
  • Divide the X-Y axis distances into a desired number of marks and color (this allows immediate measurement of objects).
  • Open an image (even from a CAD drawing) and overlap it on the video, adjust its transparency and resize it for inspection and collimation.
  • Rotate, resize, move, lock the transparency image or lock it on rotation of two axis pairs. Save the settings of the transparency image.
  • Record videos and review them immediately in the capture format (with the possibility of using various codecs).
  • Zoom from 10% to 500% always having visible the current magnification value and a box with the selection of the zoomed image visible on the preview, with the possibility to drag it manually on another zone. Return to 100% with a click.
  • Print one or two images on the same sheet, horizontally or vertically, with fully automatic or customized arrangement, both in size and position and centering on the sheet.
  • Count the number of elements inside a predefined visual area of 1x1 cm or 0.5"x0.5" (an ideal tool in the textile field for counting the number of threads).
  • A multi-user database manages customers with the possibility of archiving images of the acquired workings ((A medical-specific database is available upon request: Global Medical Data).
  • Correct and customize image quality quickly and easily with the external program Giotto.
  • Video View Pro operates in Italian, English and French.

System requirements

Operative system Windows 10 or 11 Pro
CPU Intel Core iX or equivalent
RAM memory 4 GB (recommended 8 GB)
Video card 1 GB
Disk space 100 MB
Input ports 1 USB 2.0 for video input
1 USB 2.0 for the software hardware key

Demonstration of software potentialities

To visualize all functionalities of software it is enough click on the icons
or menus of tool bar.

In this panel will appear detailed information on the selected functionality.

To start the automatic demonstration, click on the Play button.

Anytime it will be possible to put in pause the demonstration
with the appropriate button available in every window.