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Video Check Roll Professional (VCR-P)

The VCR-P usually works like a videomicroscope with high performances but unlike this, is very compact, then it's easy transportable and can be placed on flat and curved surfaces. All its components work at 5V/12 V.

A primary characteristic of this new model is its particular cold light annular lighting system with high luminous power and its possibility to modify the intensity at a continuous scale.

This device is arranged to be easily removed (magnetic mount) and replaced with other lighting systems and accessories in examination. The possibility to change the source angle of the beam-light in 14 positions, allows to highlight very well also the smallest asperities and conformations of the surfaces under examination.

The possibility of being able to move on the surface under examination is guaranteed by a mechanical stage of high precision with microshiftings on X and Y axis up to 10mm.

Two fixed support rollers, covered with an anti-slip material, allow a good stability on cylindrical surfaces having a minimum diameter starting from 60 mm.

Magnetic rollers are also available for a stable placement on surfaces which allow it.

The available objectives with magnetic mount are included from 25X to 2350X (with reference to a 14" monitor), on request also special objectives with high resolution and big working distance (30 mm - 70 mm) are available.

The VCR-P can be connected to PC or laptop through its USB camera and the images can be captured, compared, measured, archived etc. with Video View Basic software.


VCR Body Body for VCR complete of USB 2.0 CMOS 5Mpx camera (SPT DNS 000685)
code SPT OVT 000698


Body for VCR complete of USB 3.0 CMOS 5Mpx camera (SPT DNS 000687)
code SPT OVT 000699
Stand Lite Stand "x-y" 10 mm
code STAND PRO 10177
Set annular light Set annular light with magnetic mount for Stand Pro 10177
code SPT OVT 000624
Objective 320X objective
(field of view 0.85 x 0.64 mm)
code 320-P
USB cable USB cable
code SPT OVT 013 4PNUSB (for USB 2.0 camera)
code SPT OVT 013 MCUSB3 (for USB 3.0 camera)
Video View Software Video View Basic software for the vision, acquiring and all types of measurements of the images
code VVB 10395


Camera Software Code
USB2.0 CMOS 5Mpx Video View BASIC VCR-SL DN50 10458
USB3.0 CMOS 5Mpx Video View BASIC VCR-SL EN50 10458


Stand Lite Stand "Lite" for VCR-SL complete of 24 led lightning with variable intensity
code STAND SLI 10226
VCR stand CX VCR stand CX
Stand CX for VCR complete with mechanical stage X-Y "10 mm", CX light and 200-CX objective.
code STAND PCX 10447

As STAND PCX 10447, but with magnetic rolls
code STAND PCM 10448
Couple of magnetic rolls Couple of magnetic rolls for "Stand XY" of the VCR series
Length: 104 mm
code SPT OVT 000401
Couple of magnetic rolls Couple of magnetic rolls for "Stand XY" of the VCR series
Length: 102 mm
code SPT OVT 000233
Mini metallic prisms Couple of mini metallic prisms for the perfect stability of cylindrical objects in horizontal position (size: 50x30x30 mm)
code SPT OVT 000626
single prism:
code SPT OVT 000621
Magnetic Stand-Up Magnetic Stand-Up 25 Couple of 90° magnetic angulars, they allows to keep very thin or hardly manipulable objects perfectly aligned and perpendicular to the objective (i.e. thin metallic layers, sheets of paper, plastic, etc.). Size: 25x25x15 mm
code SPT OVT 000489
Spacer ring Spacer ring (height 43 mm) for Stand Lite and Stand xy. Indispensable when you want to use high definition objectives (LDH) or the 15X of the VCR series (field of view: 18.2 x 13.6 mm). To use preferably together with the spacer ring of 24 mm to examine small three-dimensional objects.
code SPT OVT 000396
Spacer ring Spacer ring (height 24 mm) for Stand Lite and Stand xy. To use obligatorily together with the Spacer Ring of 43 mm if you want to examine three-dimensional objects or curved surfaces with LDH objectives or the 15X of the VCR series. With the Stand CX is indispensable to be used in presence of small three-dimensional objects.
code SPT OVT 000399
Cold Light Ring Cold Light Ring 80-120 Lighting source for woking distances of 80-120mm, with high luminous intensity magnetic mount and power regulator for high definition objectives (LDH series). To be used with "Stand CX".
code SPT OVT 000625

OBJECTIVES FOR VCR-P with Magnetic Mount
(Annular Light)

Body coupling with base  Placing a objective in its slot

Code Video
Field of view Min. examineable cylinder diameter [mm]
VCR-15 15X 18 x 13 mm Roller and objective distance
A-25 25X 11.0x8.7 mm
D-50 50X 5.5x4.2 mm
F-75 75X 3.6x2.7 mm
G-100 100X 2.7x2.0 mm
H-150 150X 1.8x1.4 mm
♦ 200-P 200X 1.3x0.98 mm
♦ 320-P 320X 0.85x0.64 mm
♦ 475-P 475X 0.55x0.42 mm
♦ 750-P 750X 0.35x0.26 mm
♦ 1100-P 1100X 0.25x0.19 mm
♦ 1500-P 1500X 0.16x0.12 mm
♦ 2350-P 2350X 0.12x0.09 mm

 ♦ Objectives that can also be used with coaxial light.
 Escursion on the Z axis of the VCR = 23 mm.
 Other objectives are available on request.

Note: It's possible to inspect cylinders with a diameter of less than 115 mm using suitable supports as in the examples shown in the "Roller Stand" section.


Click on the keys

Every key of the keyboard, represents an image taken using the choosen magnification.

Practical example of employment of a VCR with PRISMS and STAND-UP

Section of a milk carton


Distance between the lighting
source and the plane
Best working distance between a cylinder's surface and the lighting source (Ø min 115 mm) Position the cylinder must have when it has a diameter less than 115 mm

Objects' maximum height if placed on a flat surface: 7 mm Position of the rising supports (prisms) for the inspection of objects with height between 12 and 32 mm Position of the prisms for the inspection of objects with height between 42 and 62 mm

Inspections of multilayered sheets or of very thin profiles through the use of prisms and magnetic STAND-UPs Support (prism) for the inspection of small cylindric objects

For a correct illumination please refer to the following example
Use shims for small cylinders
  YES NO YES     

Shaded parts
(no visible)
Luminous rays coming from an irregular surface
Lighted parts
Reflected rays forming the visible image

The lighting is supplied by a luminous source which is placed as a ring around the lens. The vision of the object through the lens gives a soft image as the rays are reflected and absorbed in different manners by the various surfaces.
This type of lighting is the most used one as it fits to a greater extent of surfaces of different materials.
Engraving on titanium
Engraving on titanium
Piece of paper
Piece of paper
1 Euro coin
1 Euro coin


The possibility of inspecting any type of surface with all the wide range of available objectives of the VCR series (25X/2350X) and of the high definition series (LDH), will give a safe certainty to the operator to be able to use his device in almost all the occasions.

The difference between the set for annular light Professional and the annular light Lite one is the possibility, for the Professional, of selecting 14 different angulations of origin of the lightings around the subject so as to be able to search every particular and make the image visible and stereoscopic as in the example:

50 Euro banknote
Annular light professional examples

1 Euro coin


Annular light
Annular light professional

Clicking on the keyboard you will have a visual demonstration of the illumination patterns.


Annular light professional examples

The use of the angulated light is suggested also to give prominence to the harshnesses or the conformation of the various surfaces.


Print screen (50X)
Print screen (50X)
Print point (200X)
Print point
Print screen (200X)
Print screen
Flexographic cliché (25X)
Flexographic cliché
Anilox cylinder (1550X)
Anilox cylinder
Engraved plate for offset printing (320X)
Engraved plate
for offset printing (320X)
Section of milk's carton (320X)
Section of milk's carton (320X)
Section of business card (475X)
Section of business card
Section of rubberized cloth (printing cliché) (75X)
Section of rubberized cloth (printing cliché) (75X)
Razor blade edge (750X)
Razor blade edge
Rim of the razor blade examined with coaxial light (750X)
Rim of the razor blade examined with coaxial light (750X)
Watch mechanism (100X)
Watch mechanism
Notes cardboard (50X)
Notes cardboard
Notes cardboard (320X)
Notes cardboard
White paper photocopy with traces of toner (320X)
White paper photocopy with traces of toner (320X)