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Peak Multi Desk Lupe - Code 2041

This multi-lens Desk Lupe is a wonderful desk-type loupe which enables you to see things that under normal conditions are invisible. This is because four lenses with different magnifications are included in the viewer in front of you, which respond to your research and investigation requirements.

The acrylic-resin lenses of the multi Desk Lupe, all having excellent and uniform stability in quality and transparency, are all manufactured using the latest techniques, and to the main lens has been given a silicone-based hard coating. Its stand is heavy enough to allow all the possible employment adjustments and, together with a glossy-black pillar, is also suitable for decorative furnishings.

To remove dirt lightly wipe the lens surfaces with silicone paper, lens wiping cloth, etc. Avoid the use of chemicals for wiping.

Caution: Placing the lens under direct sunlight will constitute a fire hazard.


Magnification from 2X to 10X
Field of view 260 x 200 mm
Lens size from 176 x 150
to 330 x 220 mm
Base size ø 135 mm
Weight 1500 g