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Peak Folding Lupe - Code 2053

The Peak Folding lupe is a multi-purpose desk loupe. The large lens of 2X magnifying power is set as a main lens, accompanied by two smaller lenses having magnifying power of 5X and 10X respectively.

This folding loupe is supported by two metal legs which give a steady standing position when unfolded for use. Compact folds are easy to carry or put away.

The main lens with dimensions of 103x139 mm, made of acrylic resin, has been provided with a silicone-based hard coating.

This loupe is ideal for many uses such as inspections, observations as well as for making handicrafts. Especially helpful for checking of film and prints index.

Supplied with protective cover. Don't expose under direct sunlight.


Lens size and
103 x 139 mm 2X
20 x 25 mm 5X
ø 15 mm 10X
Field of view 260 x 200 mm
Overall dimensions 180 x 295 x 145 mm (operating position)
180 x 180 x 39 mm (when folded)
Weight 456 g