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Peak Parasite Lupe - Code 1989

The new Peak Parasite Lupe is an improved version of the conventional magnifying glass. A cute 20 mm diameter parasite-like lens is cemented on a large 75 mm diameter lens. The magnification of the large lens is 2.5X, while that of the small lens has a compound magnification of 5X.

The lens is of high grade crown glass, and the magnified image is very sharp and clear. This simple idea has proved to be very effective, and uses for this magnifier are unlimited not only in the ordinary household but in specialized fields. Try it once and you'll agree with us that it is most convenient and versatile.


Code 1989
Magnification 2.5X, 5X
Lens diam. 75 mm, 20 mm
Size ø 80 x 170 mm
Weight 111 g