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Video Area Explorer HI-TECH

These systems base on the possibility to make slide a zoom video head along two orthogonal axes (X-Y) to observe, photograph, measure plane or three-dimensional objects also very great difficulty checkable on the traditional video systems.

They use a zoom lens with ring light incorporated with led and a high resolution camera for magnifying included between 30 and 120X with releases selection.

The VA-EX systems are produced in different standard measures, but are possible custom productions. If the VA-EX is leant on a plane, the surfaces maximum irregularities that can be inspected are of 40mm, but lifting the system and leaning it on appropriate supports it is possible to have major inclinations.

The use field of these equipment is various and, also if our experience isn’t long-lived due to the youngest age of these products, we can signal to you some sectors where the users satisfaction has allowed to us to widen the production set:

  • moulds manufacturing
  • components assembly sample control on electronic cards
  • great PCB panels inspections and measurements
  • print matrices control and alignment
  • defects research (rifling, impurities) in different surfaces
  • check of rolls and cylinders
  • measurements on great mechanical parts (distances, radius, angles, etc) with relative photographic documentation

Three versions are available:

  1. Video Area Explorer HI-TECH
  2. Video Area Explorer TV
  3. Video Area Explorer DIGITAL

Video Area Explorer HI-TECH

The HI-TEC series is different from the other versions because the zoom video head movements on the X-Y axes are checked through optical guides and from (VideoKLite) software on the useful entire area of the system measurement.

To perform a measurement the operator moves the video head in any point of the area and with the mouse pointer inserts a cross on the video image corresponding to the starting or arrive point memorizing the position with a snap-shot.

All captured images are always visible in sequence as preview and in the moment in which it is possible to perform the distances, radius, angles measures, etc., also of points much distant between them, clicking on two or more images presented in the preview there will be the possibility to magnify them and point out automatically all desired measurements. The measurements precision depends from the guides length and from the area width and can change from 0 to max 8 μm.

Video Area Explorer TV

The TV version displays the image of the camera directly on a monitor through the scart socket, with the possibility of connection to a PC for measurements, capturing, comparing, saving images and video.

The Digital version is identical to the TV with the addition of two digital displays for orthogonal (X-Y) measurements over the entire area (accuracy of 0.03 mm) and measurement software for the area visible on the monitor.

In this version it is possible to connect directly to a PC through an USB interface and Video View Basic software in endowment, perform measurements (distance, radius, angles, polygons) directly in the video window that represents a part of the entire area.

Naturally the images with relative measurements can be saved, compared and archived.

The measurements precision on the video area can reach precisions of 0.005 mm (in function of the magnifying).


In addition to make all the most popular measurements on video area, the Video Area Explorer Hi-Tech allows to make measurements directly on the PC also outside the camera field of view and then measure large objects with great precision.

In the VideoKLite software window the position of the video head on the working area will be visualized in the displays. Putting it on the desired points in the visible area of the object to measure it will be possible to acquire the images with their positions coordinates and make linear or circular measurements simply going to select the images.

All the images sequences can be stored on your computer and reused in future to make further measurements.

X: measure along X axis

Y: measure along Y axis

XY: measure in XY plane

Ø: diameter of a circle

R: radius of a circle
Software VideoKLite

Measurements example

Move the video head on the desired area of the object, click on exact point where you want to start measuring, a cross (with desired color and thickness) is placed on that point of the image, and finally it is stored.

Continuing in the same way over the object to measure, a sequence of images, that could also be saved and archived, will be obtained.


After to have acquired the images with their position coordinates it is sufficient to select that one from which you want to start the measurement and another one; automatically the software will calculate the distance between the reference points over the two images.

The Video Area Explorer Hi-Tech allows to measure also the radius or the diameter of very large objects that they aren't fully visible on video. In this case you must acquire at least 3 points along the circumference of the object.


Measurements precision

The maximum device error is 8 μm to add to the approximation between the pixel / measure unit proportion of each magnification.

For example: if we work with a 15X magnification the step between each pixel is 20 μm, while the step is 4 μm with a 100X magnification. With a 100 X magnification then we should expert an error of 12 μm (8 from the device and 4 from the magnification).


Usable Area
TV version Digital version HI-TECH version
250x250 VA-EX.TV-2525
€ 3,930.00
€ 4,930.00
€ 5,930.00
300x250 VA-EX.TV-3025
€ 4,250.00
€ 5,250.00
€ 6,250.00
400x350 VA-EX.TV-4035
€ 4,550.00
€ 5,550.00
€ 6,550.00
500x250 VA-EX.TV-5025
€ 4,650.00
€ 5,650.00
€ 6,650.00
500x350 VA-EX.TV-5035
€ 4,950.00
€ 5,950.00
€ 6,950.00
700x250 VA-EX.TV-7025
€ 5,600.00
€ 6,600.00
€ 7,600.00
700x350 VA-EX.TV-7035
€ 5,850.00
€ 7,350.00
€ 8,850.00
700x500 VA-EX.TV-7050
€ 6,250.00
€ 7,750.00
€ 9,250.00
1000x250 VA-EX.TV-10025
€ 6,850.00
€ 8,350.00
€ 9,850.00
1000x350 VA-EX.TV-10035
€ 7,050.00
€ 8,550.00
€ 10,050.00
1000x500 VA-EX.TV-10050
€ 7,450.00
€ 8,950.00
€ 10,450.00
1000x700 VA-EX.TV-10070
€ 7,900.00
€ 9,400.00
€ 10,900.00
1000x800 VA-EX.TV-10080
€ 8,250.00
€ 9,750.00
€ 11,250.00
1000x1000 VA-EX.TV-100100
€ 8,800.00
€ 10,850.00
€ 12,300.00
Prices are intended without monitor or pc/laptop.